Women Who Make It

In 2012 McKinsey and Company supported research by Joanna Barsh and Lareina Yee published under the title, “ Unlocking the full potential of women at work”. The researchers interviewed a number of women and men in senior positions in business and government around the world. They also studied various top 500 companies and sought out issues around diversity and success. Amongst many outcomes their study found that many of the women who succeeded had the following traits and capacities in common. 1.Strong belief that they make a difference 2. Could turn adversity into learning opportunities 3.Build relationships – I'd add that networks of colleagues, other women, sponsors and supporters also help. 3.Step outside their comfort zone – sometimes taking on jobs or projects that they knew would be a stretch or liable to really challenge them 4.Have a positive energy and robust work ethic. 5. Results oriented 6. Resilience 7. Persistent in getting feedback. - On you, the team and organisation. Ask the shareholders, stakeholders critics and friends. 8 They inspire, motivate and lead their teams, they help them to have courage to stretch and grow. The full article is available on the web and a worthwhile read. So do you have these traits and are you achieving ? What behaviours or traits have helped you to achieve and flourish.? Make a comment or share your experience.

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